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Why are some people able to retire in their twenties and thirties? Drive a luxury car, live in a mansion, and travel around the world. And some people have to work hard all their lives and work until they retire in their sixties before they can live a comfortable retirement life.

There is also a kind of person who has always been struggling on the poverty line throughout his life. I have lived a life of one meal and one meal.

Many people think this is the naked gap between rich and poor.

The reason for this gap between rich and poor is that different births lead to different opportunities.

Indeed, people can live a wealthy life in their 20s. Of course, his wealth may have been inherited, and the inherited money must have come from his parents, so how did his parents obtain this wealth? These are the things that we need to pay attention to and study.

If you blindly attribute the reasons why others gain wealth to birth opportunities or luck. Then these thoughts will only make us feel more and more that the world is unfair. It will also close my space for further thinking and growth.

I recently read the book The Millionaire Fast Lane.


The author explains to us in very simple and vivid words why some people remain poor throughout their lives, some people only accumulate wealth when they are old, and some people gain wealth at a young age. .

Three types of people walking on different paths to wealth

wealth walkway

Most people on the sidewalk have no financial goals of their own and never have any plans. Once they have spare money, they will immediately go traveling, buy new cars, new clothes, or other popular consumer goods.

People on the sidewalk have a common characteristic, which is to seek instant gratification, pursue sensory stimulation, and obtain instant gratification.


Just like many people, every time after paying their salary, the first thought is to clear their shopping cart. It seems that only at the moment of payment, my hard work this month will be rewarded.

In addition, if a person walking on the sidewalk encounters any financial problems, he will immediately blame these problems on some external factors. For example, I was fired, my car broke down, and I spent a lot of money. I use the money to repair my car, and I have to pay off my car loan and house loan every month. I had a serious illness. They believe that these reasons caused him to lose control of his wealth and lead to poverty.

In fact, it is a kind of life that makes us feel most comfortable, such as consuming in time, never delaying gratification, and buying whatever we see. For example, I lie on the sofa, eat potato chips, watch TV, and never exercise. This lifestyle of least resistance is actually a boiling frog lifestyle. Because this way of life has no plan and no future. They may not be able to imagine where they will be a week from now, let alone decades from now.

Many people may think that if I work hard, I will receive a pension after retirement, and I will not starve to death anyway. However, according to China's current population structure, it is still unknown whether I will be able to receive a pension smoothly in a few decades.

Wealth Slow Lane

People who walk in the slow lane have two definitions of acquiring wealth. One is to work hard, and the other is to invest and use the money earned from work to invest and plan. Then after you retire, you can have a good accumulation of wealth to ensure your retirement life.

But this is a paradox, because these plans are actually not under one's control.


For example, for work. The general plan is to work hard and then be promoted step by step. After promotion, your salary will increase, or you can increase your salary by constantly changing jobs. But in fact, as a working person, he is always limited by the platform he is on.

It is impossible for everyone to be promoted 100% according to their own plans, because all companies are full of various uncertainties, such as the company going bankrupt, you becoming unemployed, and you have to face different competitors when you are promoted. Coupled with office politics and the preferences of the boss and superior. Every point can affect your path to promotion and salary increase.

On the other hand, investment is uncertain. Most investments are mainly stock funds or real estate, and these investments are strictly affected by the current economic environment. If you happen to live in an era of economic downturn or economic stagnation, such an era will often last for several years or even more than ten years. Then the amount we invest will stop growing or even depreciate to a large extent.


Therefore, the path to gaining wealth through investment is flawed.

Even if everything develops according to my own plan, it will be decades before I gain enough wealth. The author said that a wheelchair cannot be put into a Lamborghini. In other words, we should try our best to obtain wealth as soon as possible when we are young, when our body and energy allow, and when we can enjoy it.

Fast lane to wealth

This requires us to embark on the fast track to wealth.

So what does the author think is the fast track to wealth?

The author shared with us four fast lane systems and seven fast lane businesses.

Discover the wealth fast lane system


rental system

For example, real estate is a rental system.

We can obtain a steady stream of financial income by purchasing properties and renting them out. Of course there are others, such as franchises. Business qualification certificate for alcoholic beverages and tobacco. In other words, copyright is actually a leasing system. The leasing system is the oldest way to accumulate wealth.

computer software system

Including software code, Internet.

According to statistics, the Internet has created more millionaires in the past five years than in the past 50 years combined. It is the most effective system for making money.

content system

The traditional content system is books and newspapers.

However, its entry threshold will be relatively high, and only upper-class elites can access it. But now the content system has been closely integrated with the Internet. The most popular content systems now are short video platforms, social networks, or blogs, personal websites, and e-books.

distribution system

Simply put, it is a platform for sales.

For example, Taobao is a distribution system. Apple's App Store is also a distribution system. The essence of a distribution system is to provide a platform and then collect rent or service fees from residents.

Human resources system

For example, various recruitment platforms or human resources companies.

In fact, to sum up, the purpose of the fast lane is to create a business system.

Two key points in choosing a fast lane system


Say you can influence millions of people. Then it is very easy to become a millionaire. In other words, you can become a millionaire because you have influenced millions of people.

For example, let’s say I wrote a software and sold 1 million copies, a book I wrote sold 1 million copies, or I have 1 million fans on social media. Then these can bring wealth quickly.


The so-called magnitude is to choose a business that can bring huge wealth. If you are a pancake and fruit seller, you can only make two yuan at most per pancake and fruit. If he wants to become a millionaire, he needs to sell 500,000 pancakes. Can sell 100 pieces a day. Then it would take 5,000 to sell it to get 500,000. That is, it will take 13 years. And it can only be done if the wind and rain continue uninterrupted every day.

If you are selling luxury homes, you may be able to earn 200,000 yuan in commission from one transaction, and you can become a millionaire by completing 5 transactions in a year. The magnitude is different. There will naturally be a huge difference in the speed at which you finally reach your destination.

Three express lanes

The author also proposed three high-speed fast lanes. These three high-speed fast lanes have the fastest speed of wealth and can bring us to the goal of wealth as quickly as possible. These three high-speed fast lanes are Internet business, innovative products and services. , creating economies of scale.


The Internet is the best fast lane now. Because it basically meets all the fast lane characteristics. The best Internet businesses can be roughly divided into 7 categories.

Provide subscription services, such as providing paid membership systems or subscription software systems. Currently, there are two platforms that are relatively well-established in China: Knowledge Planet and Aipower.

Provide valuable content, that is, the sharing of professional knowledge, such as personal blogs or paid tutorials. For example, those who can edit can do video editing tutorials, and those who know how to play musical instruments can do tutorials on musical instruments.

Guided sales, such as live streaming.

Social networks, such as Moments or Weibo, promote sales.

The intermediary network can be used as a human resources intermediary or a buying and selling intermediary.

For advertising, you can place ads on your own platform, or you can create your own advertising alliance.

e-commerce. This threshold is relatively low. If you register an account on an e-commerce platform, you can sell goods on the platform.

Innovative products and services

The high-speed fast lane is about innovative products and services. This is actually the traditional way, which is to create huge wealth by inventing a product or improving a production process. The threshold for this fast lane is very high.

Create economies of scale

For example, the boss of Nongfu Spring.

He can become the richest man in China just by selling a bottle of water for 2 yuan. That’s because Nongfu Spring is large enough that even in canteens in the most remote mountainous areas, we can see Nongfu Spring’s products. In other words, there are millions of fans on social media. This massive fandom can also come through. For example, live streaming and membership services can help you gain huge wealth.

Although this is a fast lane, it is not a simple and easy road. You will not become a millionaire just because you watched this video of mine, nor will it pass if you buy a get-rich-quick product for 99 yuan. Courses get. This course will not make you rich, it will only make the teacher who sells this course rich.

I made this YouTube video to attract more people to become my fans and expand my influence. Once you have influence, you can build your own content system. Gain wealth by paying for knowledge. Huge advertising revenue can also be obtained through scale effects.

For example, if you click on this video, I may earn $0.01. So if there are 100,000 clicks and views, then I will have an income of 100 US dollars, and this income is completely passive income. Income and time are not proportional. The time I invested in making this video is one-time, but what he gained The income is constant. As long as I don't delete this video. It can continuously promote my channel, attract more fans, continuously obtain clicks, and obtain advertising revenue.

Is the Fast Track to Wealth suitable for everyone?

Of course, the purpose of making this video is not to make all friends who see this video resign and then do things on the fast track.

First of all, different people have different values. Some people are willing to walk slowly on the sidewalk and live their lives peacefully. Then if you force him to do the fast lane, he may get into a car accident on the first day.

If you are currently walking on the sidewalk or the slow lane, switching to the fast lane will not happen overnight, but will require a slow process. Just like I wouldn’t give people advice, telling them to resign immediately and become self-media.

Although it is a high-yield thing, it is also a high-risk thing, and its failure rate is far greater than its success rate.

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